The workshop is adjacent to the farmhouse at 'Weltevreden'. Monthly Baroque music concerts are hosted at Weltevreden featuring local and international musicians. Followed by cheese and wine, the concerts are well attended by appreciative audiences. Click on any picture to see it enlarged.
  Veltevrenden The entrance to the farmhouse
  Veltevrenden The far doorway leads into the workshop
  Veltevrenden A corner of the house as seen from the workshop

Two Chest Organs were under construction when the pictures below were taken in the workshop. The completed instruments were subsequently shipped to Japan.
  Selway Robson Selecting and sizing pipe wood
  Selway Robson Final planing of a pipe
  Selway Robson A line of finished mitred pipes

  Selway Robson Another pipe under the plane
  Selway Robson Assembly of pipes on windchest
  Selway Robson Fine work on the pallets

  Selway Robson Absorbed in a delicate fitting process   Selway Robson Patient handskills being applied   Selway Robson Working with a windchest  

  Selway Robson Fitting pallets on to the windchest   Selway Robson Consulting the drawings   Selway Robson Partially completed pipes  

Tools of a mostly bygone age are still used in applying careful and precise handwork. Many have been inherited from grandfather, Walter Selway.
  Selway Robson Some of the many old tools in frequent use   Selway Robson This plane was made in about 1730   Selway Robson Traditional spokeshave still giving reliable service  

  Selway Robson A wooden smoothing plane in action   Selway Robson Shaping a plectrum (quill) with a scalpel   Selway Robson Finishing windchest pallets  

  Selway Robson 'Go bars' being used to clamp soundboard ribs   Selway Robson The farm kitchen - a welcome place to be at the end of the day     .