The rebirth of a 'Cello

Violoncello, circa 1900, converted to Baroque set-up by Selway Robson, 2009.
    The neck was removed and re-set at a flatter angle, with a new wedge-shaped fingerboard made from spruce, veneered with imbuia. The belly was removed and re-thicknessed, the bass-bar cut down, a thinner soundpost fitted, and the endpin assembly replaced by a button. With a new bridge, tailpiece and gut strings tuned to a' 415, the instrument now responds beautifully.

Collier and Davis, London, circa 1775

In the resoration of this instrument held by Amy, a new neck was grafted onto the original scroll by Selway Robson, to replace the original neck which had been over-thinned and therefore ruined by a previous luthier. The fingerboard is original. New strings and tailpiece were fitted.

A string quartet used by the Noordhoek Baroque Ensemble
Left to right:
      Piccolo-'cello with viol bow
      Viola: 1770 Duke Jnr, London, in original condition
      Violin: 1775 Collier and Davis, London, restored by Selway Robson
      Modern violin: converted to baroque set-up by Selway Robson, 2007.
The various bows shown were all made by Selway Robson