Historical Authenticity
The handmade harpsichords of Selway Robson are closely based on historical prototypes, and his pipe organs generally follow the style prevalent in Germany and the Netherlands around 1700. They inevitably, however, reflect his personal taste in the choice of tone colours and voicing. Pure mechanical action is always used, for the most sensitive and responsive touch, and the entire instrument – keyboards, windchests, action, wooden pipes and casework – is handmade by him. The metal pipework is made for him by Jacques Stinkens, Zeist, Holland.

RIGHT – Copy of 17th Century Italian Harpsichord [1985]
BELOW L – Copy of Andreas Ruckers Harpsichord [1979]
BELOW R – Copy of Early 18th Century English Harpsichord [1970]

17th Century Italian Copy
  Andreas Ruckers Copy Early 18th Century English Copy
BELOW L & R – Double-manual Flemish/French harpsichord assembled for The Paris Workshop, for U.K. client Catherine Oxtoby. July 2010.
PRICE (subject to change) depends on decoration e.g. Double manual Flemish, 8'8'4' Buff in two colours + Flemish Papers + gold leaf banding:
US$ 21145
ex Cape Town.

Double Manual French/Flemish 1 Double Manual French/Flemish 2
A Tradition of Craftmanship
Selway Robson is a craftsman who, out of preference, works with hand tools, some of which were inherited from his grandfather, Walter Selway.
He makes use of locally grown timber where appropriate – there are beautiful woods available in the Cape where he lives, at the southern tip of Africa.
He has frequently been entrusted to carry out restoration on antique harpsichords and pipe organs, and is a skilled repairer of stringed instruments.
Thomas Barton Copy Italian Spinetta Copy
ABOVE – Copy of Thomas Barton Spinet  (c.1720) – Transposable A415/440 [1998]

ABOVE RIGHT – Copy of Italian Spinetta [1981]
PRICE (subject to change): US$ 4 860 ex Cape Town.

RIGHT – Copy of 16th Century Italian Pentagonal Spinet [1988]

RIGHT – Copy of 16th Century Fretted Clavichord [2007]. This instrument was made for Akihiko Yamanobe, Tokyo Japan

BELOW – Fretted Pedal Clavichord.
Instrument made for Rutgers University USA

Italian Pentagonal Spinet Copy

Clavichord1 Copy
Pedal Clavichord
made by Selway Robson in 1973, shown here after resoration in 2011

RIGHT – Close-up of the spinet jack rail

Portable Italian Virginal

BELOW – The shoulder bag, lightly carried by Lynne-Marie Eatwell, contains incredibly, a complete Italian Virginal including it's fold-up legs.
Portable Italian Virginal
PRICE (subject to change) US$ 8 075 ex Cape Town.

Portable Italian Virginal Portable Italian Virginal

Below right, Selway Robson is seated at the pipe organ he completed for St Norbert's Priory, (Kommetjie - Cape Town) in 1996
St Norbert's Priory St Norbert's Priory St Norbert's Priory

Continuo Chest Organ [2000]
This chest organ has been designed for continuo, but is useful for a wide range of solo music. It is easily transported owing to its compact size and low weight, and it can be carried in any position. When not in use, the keyboard can be retracted. For authenticity, foot-pumped bellows are standard, but there is provision for an external blower.

Two of these organs were recently supplied to Akihiko Yamanobe of Tokyo Japan who wrote... "Incredible! They are super. They are more excellent than I could imagine..."

PRICE (subject to change): US$ 18 575 ex Cape Town.
Price includes custom made transit case by Barry Stott.

Continuo Chest Organ

Chest Organ [1997]


PRICE (subject to change): US$ 22 860 ex Cape Town.
Price includes custom made transit case by Barry Stott.

Chest Organ

Chest Organ [2007]
This organ was acquired by the the Norbertine Order at Grimbergen Abbey, Belgium


RIGHT – Here packed in it's aluminium transit case, a petite Vannessa Mann demonstrates how really easy it is to move this organ about.

PRICE (subject to change): US$ 18 575 ex Cape Town.
Price includes custom made transit case by Barry Stott.

Chest Organ
Very transportable

Portable Chamber Organ [1997]


Portable Chamber Organ Portable Chamber Organ

House Organ [1975]
This organ is one of the earliest examples of Selway Robson's work, and a permanent part of his personal collection. He recently made minor modifications to this organ. Shown to the right is the rear view of the partly dismantled instrument with the pedal action on the floor.
Specification House Organ House Organ

St Pauls, Faure [1981]


RESTORATION of mid-20th century 'Positive' organ, attributed to Paul Ott.
This tracker action 'positive' organ of 4 stops has recently been restored and completely revoiced by Selway Robson. It has found a new home in the Parish Church of Saints Simon and Jude, in Simon's Town.
The lower case originally housed a hand-pumped bellows assembly which has been replaced by a Subbass 16' for the Pedal. The twelve largest pipes plus the pedal windchest, electric blower and new wedge-bellows regulator are all contained within a space of approximately 4'6" x 2'6" x 1'6" (1370 x 760 x 460 mm). This has been achieved by double-mitring all twelve pipes, C(1) to B(12). The remainder of the 16' uses the lowest fifteen pipes of the manual Gedackt 8' by transmission.
The entire organ (4'10" x 2'10" x 7'1" high)(1420 x 860 x 2160 mm high) excluding pedalboard, is now mounted on castors for easy mobility.
The restored 'Positive' Organ, originally attributed to Paul Ott
View showing pipework, blower and windchests
Close-up view of the Subbass 16' pipes, blower and Pedal windchest

Elegant Wooden Music Stand
This unique handmade music stand of solid African Mahogany will last a lifetime.
Easy to dismantle It features...
  • Simple, rugged height adjustment from 720 mm (28") to 1250 mm (49")
  • A music desk with three secure angles – 30/45/60 – which can also be used separately on a table
  • The solid music desk allows for writing on music in situ
  • No projecting legs to trip over, but is completely stable
  • No metal parts to rust or corrode
  • Light weight – 2.5 kg (5.5lb) – and easy to dismantle and carry around in a bag – 400 mm x 800 mm (15.5" x 31")
  • Sturdy travel bag available.

    PRICE (subject to change): From US$ 236 ex Cape Town.

  • An Ideal Gift

    From Engineer to Instrument Maker
    As an accomplished performer, the wish to make his own instruments led Selway Robson to suspend his initial career as an electronics engineer. He had graduated from Southhampton University with an honours degree, having first obtained a mechanical engineering diploma with distinction, at the Bristol Aeroplane Technical College.
    To date he has completed over forty handmade instruments of the harpsichord family, as well as a dozen pipe organs.
    These have gone to satisfied customers worldwide, including the UK, Europe, Australia and Japan, as well as throughout Southern Africa.
    Selway Robson

    Postal Address: Box 214, Noordhoek Cape 7979, South Africa
    Cel: +27 71 567 5241
    Selway Robson

    Selway Robson is the African Agent for
    The Paris Workshop
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