In Christianity and the Church William Selway Robson examines the validity of the concept that Christianity depends on attending Church.
    The Author traces his personal experiences of Christianity throughout his life, with quotations from what Jesus Christ said about desirable behaviour.

    Excerpt: "So why did the Church decide to do this, to insist on weekly attendance? The answer is very simple. People who 'go to church' every week put money into the collection plate every week! And this now invites a discussion of the 'offertory.'"

Midnight Mess is a collection of short stories based on the experiences – often very funny – of a man with an unusual occupation and life-style most of us would envy. Here are stories of his hilarious blunders as an organist, his spirit of unconventional independence, a penchant for illegal activity, including a brief spell as an amateur medic, or a clandestine pig farmer. And an account of a sojourn as a working man in Paris, with its beautiful Parisiennes, forms a delightful interlude to tales of remote places in the Cape.
    William Selway Robson has compellingly documented country life in South Africa with flair, insight and often with nostalgia, revealing many of his passions, his weaknesses – and his irrepressible sense of humour.
    Here is a book by a non-conformist, to amuse, inform, fascinate – even to horrify – but always to entertain.
Readers comments...
"...very attractive book..."
"I discovered a big part of you in your book and I really enjoyed it. Bravo for your life!"
- Marc Ducornet (France)
• • •
"...a lovely book and glimpse into a lovely life."
- Dr Els Goedghebeur (Belgium)
• • •
"I read Midnight Mess with great enjoyment. It stirred many happy recollections of South Africa and her people."
- Kevin D. Moodie (USA)
• • •
"You almost caused my death - 'Midnight Mess', the cover story, was so funny!"
- Dr Nigel Perry (UK)
• • •
"Hugely entertaining and informative".
- Professor Wim Viljoen, University of Pretoria, South Africa
• • •
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Annie, whose life has been sad, but who loves to make others happy, goes shopping with her mother at Christmas. Then, at the shopping mall, she is unexpectedly blessed with happiness herself.

    This is a story to touch your heart - young or old!
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